Kids Bath Bombs

Make Bathing Fun Again With Kids Bath Bombs and Soothing Bath Salts!

Bathing can be a fun and relaxing time for the kids in our family, especially when they have access to amazing kids bath bombs. Bath bombs are fizzy little surprises that soothe and clarify our skin while filling the tub with fizzy bubbles, great aromas, and exciting colors.

To find some of the best kids bath bombs on the market, keep on reading!

Unique Bath Bombs From Suds Up 801!

Suds Up 801 specializes in handcrafted, 100% homemade all-natural bath bombs and bath salts. With an artisan's approach to creating unique gifts fit for the whole family, Suds Up 801 has a unique array of wonderful products to try. For kids that want to have fun with their next bath, consider the following kids bath bombs!

  • Watermelon Bath Bombs - Bath bombs add emollients as well as softeners to the water that we bathe in. These ingredients work toward softening and cleansing our skin while leaving it feeling soft, silky, and absolutely pampered. These watermelon bath bombs add a ton of aroma to the entire experience!

  • Blueberry Pie Bath Bomb Trio - Want your kids smelling great while cleaner than ever? The Blueberry Pie Bath Bomb Trio is as delicious to smell as it is to think about. Simply throw in a bomb with a warm bath to let the fizzling aroma take over the entire room. Handcrafted with love and made to impress, these bath bombs are hard not to rave about.


While bath bombs are a huge draw for fans of handcrafted soaps, bath salts also provide an array of benefits. For the moms and dads of the world that want to relax, consider adding your favorite bath salts to your next order. Handcrafted bath salts include the Old Muscle Soak which is amplified with Real doTerra Deep Blue.

Start shopping today for wonderful handcrafted bathing luxuries at Suds Up 801!