Candle Melts

Infuse Your home with Candle Melts With Exciting Flavors at Suds Up 801!

Does the feeling of waking up to a room thriving with fresh fragrance sound appealing? Why wouldn't it? The team at Suds Up 801 has spent time and effort to craft the best candle melts and wax tarts in the industry. With a focus on handcrafted goods featuring all-natural products curated in small batches, shoppers know they are getting what they are looking for when they shop for candle melts and wax tarts at Suds Up 801!

Candle Melts and Wax Tarts For Whole Home Rejuvenation

Wax melts are typically small scented pieces of wax that have been crafted to slowly and gently warm over a space of time. Similar to a candle but without a wick, these wax products work wonderfully in wax farmers and fragrance diffusers. Available in a wide range of different flavors and mixtures, shoppers at Suds Up 801 will be certain to find the ideal melts or tarts for their use.

Let's highlight a few of our favorite scented products from the team of artisan crafters at Suds Up 801.

  • Mango Mamba Candle Melts - Let's bring home a splash of tropical flavor with the ultra aromatic Mango Mamba Candle Melts. Available in a 15 oz bag, the Mango Mamba Candle Melt can be gently melted for an even and aromatic distribution within the home.

  • Wild Cherry Wax Tarts - Who doesn't want to enjoy a wonderful blend of wild cherry aromas? These wax tarts can be melted evenly to provide the home with a subtle fruity and flora aroma that brings on a sudden smile!


Bring the scent of spring into your house today with wonderful wild cherry wax tarts and candle melts at Suds Up 801. With an ever-evolving catalog of safe and nourishing products, there is always something new to discover at Suds Up 801!

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