If you are familiar with essential oils you know that they all have abilities to help different ailments, ease stress, boost mood, relieve pain from headaches and migraines, get a better night's sleep, quell nausea, and even repel insects. 

When you combine certain oils they create an even better healing force! 
My newest product was inspired by several customers I met this past week, as well as my sister. She suffers from migraines and has tried everything under the sun to try to prevent them. So with thee combination below we have a few products to help with the migraine demons.


Frankincense essential oil is used because it is great for the skin. Frankincense is also known for soothing headaches.


Spearmint essential oil is used for its cooling effect, which immediately helps relieve the discomfort. The cooling sensation feels wonderful too. Plus, Spearmint just smells amazing!


Peppermint essential oil is used for a similar reason. In addition to being cooling, it does help tremendously to alleviate discomfort.


Basil essential oil is one oil that’s underrated sometimes, as far as oils go. It is great for soothing all sorts of discomforts.


Lavender essential oil is used mainly for its calming effect. It will help calm your mood, your tension and the stress in the muscles. It will also help you sleep restfully.

This headache relief can be applied directly to temples, forehead, base of neck, and shoulders for fast relief at the onset of symptoms. This blend helps to alleviate stress, reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, and reduces inflammation.

Calm Roller (anxiety )