Toilet BOMBS!!


No more arguing over who's going to be the one to clean the the toilet!! Get yourself a bag of our natural cleaning toilet bombs! Packed full of ingredients that are known to effectively kill germs, stomp out bad odors and eliminate staining, these toilet bombs do an impressive job of cleaning the bowl of your commode without the need for scrubbing and without emitting harmful vapors from toxic chemicals.The natural toilet bombs don't only cover stains they will make the stench go away!


To Deodorize: Place a single unwrapped natural cleaning toilet bomb toward the front of your bowl and leave it.


To Clean: Unwrap one of our scented toilet bombs, drop it into your bowl and let it fizz up for about 5 minutes or so before flushing. If you witness any rings at the top of the waterline, simply brush them away using your toilet brush.

Toilet Bombs